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Introducing . . . Shelter Insurance® would like to welcome Alyssa Ritter as the newest member of the Shelter team in Creve Coeur. Call today for a free quote. Runner-Up: Matthew Golden Alyssa Ritter 443 N. New Ballas Rd., Ste. 220 Creve Coeur, MO 314-878-6160 ARitter@ShelterInsurance.com Matthew Golden hasn’t washed this lucky outfi t in four years. C ® AUTO • HOME • LIFE We’re your Shield. We’re your Shelter. CATCH EVERY GAME ON ONE OF OUR 40 TVS! WE HAVE THE MLB PACKAGE! BASEBALL IS HERE! Sports Bar & Grill 771-2040 ompared to our winner, runner-up Matthew Golden of Davenport, Iowa, has paid a considerably lesser price for his fandom. Rather, his new girlfriend will be paying for it. Golden tells us she didn’t know about his special Redbirds ritual until he told her he was entering this contest. It involves, as so many Cardinals superstitions do, some very poor hygiene. “Game 1 of the NLDS, I put on these pa-jama pants,” he recalls of the 2011 season. “Five games later, it was Chris Carpenter versus Roy Halladay, and I kind of realized: This could be a lucky outfi t.” The full outfi t is a pair of Cardinals logo-print pajama bottoms, a baby-blue Cardinals T-shirt, a red cap and a silver rope chain. And since that fateful series in 2011, the entire ensemble has gone unwashed. “I must explain that this outfi t only gets used for Opening Day, all playoff games and important regular-season games, so perhaps it’s not as stinky as it could be,” Golden said in his entry. “But my girlfriend is somewhat disgusted by my dedication.” After seeing photos of the outfi t — which he estimates has seen 30 to 40 wears — we tend to agree with her. But to Golden, this is not a casual ritual. He truly believes that the sullied uniform holds some special power, as the Cardinals “seem to do something crazy” every time he puts it on. He even hangs it up at the front of his closet so that he sees it every day. He remembers watching one playoff game with a group of buddies. “My friends all know about it, and they were mocking me for the first six innings when we were down. And then we had a comeback, and they all looked at me,” Golden recalls. “One of them said, ‘Well, maybe it is real.’” — J ESSICA L USSENHOP And a Few More for Good Luck... “Starting on opening day — if we win — I try to stick to doing all of the same things. If I wore my hair straight, I don’t wear it curly on game days. If I took a certain way to work, I’ll continue to go that direction. If I go to a game and it’s a winner, I have to take all those same things with me, down to whether or not I take my glove….. Until they lose. Then it becomes a contrived (OCD fueled) effort of fi guring out my own perfect combination of what to do/what not to do in order to make them win or lose.” — A MY J O P LUMMER “I always put on my left shoe before my right shoe. If I forget and put the right one on fi rst in error, I start all over! It works! I started doing this in 2011.” — M ARY C LAUSEN ( MLBVOICE . COM ) “Every time it rained where I live in Alaska, the Cardinals won. So the days that it wouldn’t rain I would go outside in my Cards gear and perform a makeshift rain dance. It worked some times, even if it didn’t rain that day. Coincidence? Probably. But I have to try something being thousands of miles away.” — C ODY L INTEZ 6 18 HOME TEAM SPECIALS AVAILABLE DURING ALL CARDINALS GAMES AND BLUES PLAY OFF GAMES! IN HONOR OF THE STAN “THE MAN” $6 Pitchers of Budweiser and Bud Light $6 Buckets of Hamms (6 Beer Bucket) Over 40 TVs and the Premium Sports Package: Catch Every Team, Every Sport, Anytime! 6 3503 Roger Pl. at Potomac (12 Blocks from Tower Grove Park off Arsenal) www.friendlyssportsbar.com RIVERFR ONT TIMES APRIL 9-15, 2 015 riverfronttimes.com

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