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2800 Shenandoah Ave St Louis Mo 63104 314.898.0011 www.thepurplemartinstl.com Bryan Adams’ album Reckless has gone platinum fi ve times since its release in 1984. The Purple Martin Available at: 6. “Summer of ’69’” Recommended Usage: Wistfully Facebook stalking an ex. For all the negativity that seems to surround past relationships — the painful memories of broken promises and possible “Run to You” type situations — there are some we fl ash back to with fondness. Sure, it didn’t work out, but the reasons had more to do with age and cir-cumstance rather than two people wearing each other down to the point of bitterness. With “Summer of 69’,” possibly Reckless ’ best-known track, Adams provides a song for anyone looking back at a relationship and re-membering the excitement and exploration of young love. And, yes, although co-writer Jim Vallance disputes it, Adams admitted in 2008 that the number represents exactly what you think it represents. 7. “Kids Wanna Rock” Recommended Usage: Fixing yourself an-other drink while listening to this album. Much like the hook in a Swiss Army knife, “Kids Wanna Rock” is big, shiny and doesn’t have a whole lot of usage compared to the other tools in the package. An exception that proves the rule, this song — while full of pop and energy — strays from the relationship narrative of the rest of the album. 8. “It’s Only Love” Recommended Usage: Searching Craigslist for a post-breakup apartment. Much like the stomachache that indicates psychedelic mushrooms are about to kick in, every doomed affair has a moment when the pain of heartache begins to seep in, just before the relationship has come to its conclusion — an indicator that fi nality is around the corner, though not yet present. Accompanied by Tina Turner, a woman who knows a thing or two about relationships gone sour, Adams explores the period wherein love has gone past its breaking point. But don’t worry, the lyrics reassure, “it’s only love, and that’s all.” 9. “Long Gone” Recommended Usage: Shopping for new towels after losing the old ones in a breakup. It follows that if you are to give yourself to person, be it in a marriage or a long-term rela-tionship, your material possessions will soon coalesce. With a divorce rate of 50 percent, however, it also follows that half of the time a person will fi nd themselves replacing a lot of their stuff along with the divot in their heart. In “Long Gone,” Adams writes from the perspective of a person left with little but the clothes on his back. Sure, she took the house and the car, he sings, but she also took herself — leaving the possessionless Adams a “happy boy.” 10. “Ain’t Gonna Cry” Recommended Usage: Delighting in an ex crawling back once you’re over them. Placed in a different order, the songs on Reck-less could be the story of a single relationship — from the accidental meeting of a guy looking for “Somebody” and a girl out “Dancin’.” They overcome the awkward nature of their “One Night Love Affair” and find the bliss within each other described in “Heaven.” Things turn sour, however, when one begins to cheat on the other in “Run to You,” which begins the breakup process encompassed within the album’s last three tracks. If the end of a relationship is a “war to win,” as Adams sings in “It’s Only Love,” then “Ain’t Gonna Cry” shows the singer victorious. He’s made peace with the breakup and now his ex has come crawling back, allowing Adams to both gloat and tell her exactly what she did wrong. He, uh, also threatens to “rearrange [her] face.” Don’t do that. —J EREMY E SSIG riverfronttimes.com APRIL 9-15, 2 015 RIVERFR ONT TIMES 43

The Purple Martin

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